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Xiao Bian Teach You From The Five Characteristics Of The Purchase Of Network Quad Core TV Box
- Oct 12, 2017 -

How does the network Quad Core TV Box become homogeneous and how to choose it in an array of products? As there are no two identical leaves in the world, the network set-top box is the same, although it is used to watch TV, but the configuration and performance is still Very different, in the purchase or need to compare a good look. Xiaobian following on the recent representative of the mango hi Q M3, for example, from the appearance, hardware, playback capabilities, content, experience and other five areas, to teach you smart choice for their network set-top boxes.

First, look

In appearance, unlike the many square-Quad Core TV Box on the market, the mango hi Q M3 can be said to have broken the tradition, using a rounded curvature curve, the M3 molded into irregular irregular circular, the design concept originated in pebbles The Simple and stylish full of scientific and technological characteristics of the shape of the fuselage without fancy decoration, simple reflective mirror material in the superb workmanship to build under the low-key luxury, dense cooling holes arranged at the bottom, not only to strengthen the overall aesthetics, let it With better thermal performance, fuselage inlaid a circle above the power indicator light like a halo like, so that M3 is very elegant Smart.

Second, the hardware configuration

Mango Hi Q M3 with Huawei Haisi quad-core CPU, with a stronger decoding capabilities, and truly support the hardware solution H.265, equipped with Mail-450GPU, with 1GB of memory and 8GB flash memory, with greater storage space; and support for Bluetooth 4.0 , Can be wireless transmission with other Bluetooth devices, you can phone music, video files wirelessly transmitted to the TV to play, but also can connect the Bluetooth headset to watch TV, see the film into the night will not affect the family rest; support 2.4 GHz / 5GHz dual-band WiFi, with more stable and more stable Wifi wireless signal, more high-speed transmission speed, and can be more power, high-speed networking, unimpeded; audio and video output interface in addition to everything, it is also equipped with USB3.0 interface, with faster transmission speed, can effectively guarantee the 4K source to read the speed.

Third, the ability to play

Mango Hi Q M3 support full format local playback, and support 3D Blu-ray original disk decoding and 4K very clear video playback, in quality, adding HiSoft's patented ExpressX image processing engine high-end technology, can adjust the brightness, color, saturation, significant Improve contrast and color expressiveness. But also according to the image of the light and dark information, automatically adjust the brightness of each region of the backlight, by analyzing the image information database to enhance the details and color of the screen, a comprehensive expansion of the color gamut, effectively improve the moving picture smear and so on. The audio, the M3 has DTS and DOBLY genuine decoding authorization, while supporting 2.0 decoder output and DTSHD and TRUEHD 7.1 channel next generation source output, completely bid farewell to the silent or soft solution to bring the periodic noise, so you enjoy the 4K Quality at the same time, experience multi-channel stereo surround sound, as exposure to the VIP version of the luxury home theater.

Fourth, content

As a product of mango TV and Haimei Di, mango hi Q M3 has genuine license of mango TV, film source is genuine and rich, covering movies, TV, variety, animation, music, documentary, life, education, sports and so on Classification, it is exclusive launch 4K area, Dolby area and H265 area, no longer struggling to find resources, video that is, that is, broadcast, point open area, as well as high-quality very clear video immediately presented.

Fifth, the operation experience

Mango hi Q M3 with a very personalized 33-key infrared remote control, 120-degree wide-angle control, 15 meters long distance control, the signal is more sensitive, and can also learn TV switch machine, volume addition and subtraction key function, a remote control at the same time Control the TV and box. Exclusive development of WeChat video platform, concerned about the "Hai Meidi smart Quad Core TV Box" service number, through the WeChat reply text on demand, voice on demand video, want to see what directly say, can push a key to the TV screen to play. Support "sea control" application function, the depth of integrated mouse, somatosensory, touch the three interactive way in one, easy to operate a school will be.