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What Is The Pros And Cons Of Comparing S912 TV Box?
- Oct 27, 2017 -

Ordinary TV (referring to the high-definition LCD TV and the like; S912 TV Box refers to the millet box and the like. Most people already have a TV at home (I believe that many are liquid crystal HD), that just buy a millet box like S912 TV Box, fitted with a sofa housekeeper such a TV application market, you can enjoy the Internet and intelligent applications, and smart TV is the effect (should be equivalent to the box integrated into the TV, right?), Then we can not go Buy expensive smart TV, and want to upgrade have to re-change the TV, and the box so cheap, the hardware upgrade will not be too expensive, buy a box just fine. That millet and other TV manufacturers to produce smart TV is also necessary Why should the user buy it or whether the smart TV is much better than the box's performance, or that the price of the smart TV is cheaper than the (box + TV), which is better for the young group who is about to buy the TV Choose this factor

This question, just recently with many OTT boxes, smart TV industry people chatted, I put some of the views of everyone here, the individual does not add any comment:

1. At present, the smart TV competitiveness is clearly not better than the box, the core reason is the limitations of television. TV 90% of the cost of the screen and drive circuit, most people buy TV are running five or six years of life or even longer life to go, not like the phone, the box as high frequency replacement, so, such as millet TV, Music TV, even the latest top-level processor, to a few years later also become a poor performance of the product, but also can not upgrade.

2. The biggest advantage of the S912 TV Box is the low cost, once the performance can not be upgraded at any time.

3. The future trend of smart TV is the replacement of the CPU + motherboard, if the realization of this, then the meaning of the box is not big, but now still need some time to see.

4. The future of smart TV is a living room of the terminal, or the living room smart screen only in this screen, video, television, games, education, smart home control, social can be completed in the long run, the box will eventually be eliminated , Can be upgraded large-screen intelligent terminal is the last solution of the living room.

The evolution of human society is the Matrix, all the information converged into a Skynet, everyone is a node in Skynet, all the equipment and terminals are no longer industrial products, but the content and bit transmission and Reflect the window. So, in fact, the living room, do not need a box so weird things, but it still needs a large enough screen to show and interact with this Skynet information.