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What Is The Difference Between A S912 TV Box And A Set-top Box?
- Oct 27, 2017 -

I believe that there is a considerable part of the students do not know the difference between the S912 TV Box and set-top box, are in the clouds probably know a concept: can put TV, you can watch more channels of television. As for the more details and differences, they can not tell why, today's small bees give A: users often say that the set-top box, refers to the digital set-top box, is the basis of radio and television research and development to receive resources from the traditional set-top box, by paying the way, allowing users to watch a stable live and on-demand resources, the general home has a TV line, Connected to the TV line can play TV, is also more traditional one of the most popular way of television broadcast.

2: S912 TV Box, is now all young people are using the Andrews system network set-top boxes, such as millet box, day cat box, Huawei box and so on. This box is through the connection network, the user installs third-party software when the shell market to achieve more free video resources, and resources cover a wide range, in addition to the national television channel live, as long as the whole network of video resources, Set-top box to watch.

Obviously, one is to pay, one is free networking, network set-top box more popular with young people, free to install software free to see the resources of this feature is a big bright spot. While the digital set-top box wins live in a live live experience, and the operation is more suitable for elders or children to use.

However, now the rapid development of OTT box industry, box brand manufacturers are constantly upgrading the hardware configuration of the device to enhance the user experience, and through the installation of the market when the shell, to get more people, such as elders to use. On the whole, the network set-top box is now more popular with users, it can be said that the traditional status of digital set-top boxes are being replaced.

As a young and fit us, of course, the preferred S912 TV Box, and for the novice, the network S912 TV Box which is good, is a headache. At present the market on the S912 TV Box dazzling, many brands, simply do not know which election is good. Xiaobian here integrated the brand, cost-effective, word of mouth and other factors, the box was a careful comparison, and for everyone to recommend some S912 TV Box, we want to bring some inspiration.