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TV Box Installation
- Feb 15, 2017 -

A. Insert the card

Built-in TV tuner installation is very simple and no different than installing a PCI sound card interface, open the computer chassis, insert the PCI card into the PCI slot on the motherboard, then screw in the screws. You don't have to worry about inserting interface, computer hardware design, slots are designed into a variety of different shapes, so slots of various shapes are unique, interfaces do not get in! so stop worrying, inserted must be right.

B. connection

After the work is wired, a TV antenna signal input, and the back of the TV, one audio output, connect it to the audio input of the sound card on the line, or no sound; there is the plug of the IR receiver, connected to it you can use your remote control direct TV box. In addition to other than these must be connected, and the rest is such as AV, IEEE1394, s ports, and so on, which do not use the common, when no later than anything.

C. install the driver

Turn on the computer, start Windows,Windows will find the new hardware, your next step is installation of drivers and software, often have instructions on the installation steps in the manual, even if no, generally just "next", not much to say here.