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S912 TV Box Is The Most Commonly Used Four Functions
- Oct 12, 2017 -

S912 TV Box is generally the function is to see a large chase drama, really better use, but the S912 TV Box function is far more than that, and now Xiaobian to bring you to see what, TV box has what practical and fun features.

Function one: multi-screen interaction

Because of the relationship between the policy, there will often be some TV on the video software to stop service, or can not use the situation, this time if you want to watch on TV, you must install a browser or use multi-screen interaction, and more Screen interaction can also push the phone on the video, pictures, etc., this feature is still more practical, multi-screen interactive software can be downloaded directly through the sofa steward client.

Function two: watch Baidu disk content

This must have no more than I said it, hey, in fact, many people will be in advance on the resources of the site you want to see the video upload or save to their own network disk, this time you just download through the sofa housekeeper, ES file browsing Device, bound to their own Baidu network disk, you can very easy to watch it!

Function 3: Remote push file

On the file push, in fact, somewhat similar to the local area network to play, but sometimes push some of the documents on the TV is also a lot of people, and this feature can also push video, picture files, in general, is still very convenient! If you do not know what software students, here to share the sofa steward's remote push function, a web page, WeChat, remote control three push way.

Function four: free to watch live

S912 TV Box by the relevant policy restrictions, do not have direct viewing TV broadcast function, so you need to take advantage of third-party software, you can directly download the sofa through the steward all kinds of live software, free to watch TV live function.