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S912 TV Box: From A Lot Of Restrictions To The Integration Of Innovation Trends
- Oct 12, 2017 -

With the continuous improvement of family broadband level, the rapid development of Andrews system, the S912 TV Box has been rapidly popular, especially in the past two years unusually hot, but in the second half of the year after a series of radio and television fist, let the S912 TV Box in the cusp on. In particular, into the 2015, the S912 TV Box is a situation? After the radio and television storm, these TV box manufacturers have done what, this article for everyone to bring a specific interpretation.

Intelligent network set-top box cheap, more features, better use, but due to radio and television policy restrictions, so that consumers choose to hesitate. In fact, plainly, the contradiction lies in the wired box is not smart, and the network box can not see the broadcast and many other restrictions. How broken?

So many families more than one box to see cable TV need cable TV set-top boxes to see the network TV needs network set-top boxes, but at the same time can only use one, both want to see cable TV and want to see Internet TV, , On the one hand caused a waste, on the other hand to the user trouble. So, people either give up cable TV, or give up Internet TV, forcing users in radio and television and Internet TV between the election side station, resulting in both the ratings are not high. In this way, the original can be very good set-top box is simply playing "bad".

Of course, there are a lot of people choose smart TV, but the smart TV to buy home, found its function is single, in the use of experience is also far less than the use of external S912 TV Box effect. And non-smart TV users only need to spend hundreds of pieces to buy a smart S912 TV Box will be able to get the old TV TV all the features of the TV, the cost is much lower than the re-purchase a expensive smart TV. This is no matter how restrictions, network S912 TV Box is still so fire, because it is the most real needs of the people, is the choice of the market.