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Election Quad Core TV Box, The Operating System Is Very Important?
- Sep 26, 2017 -

Almost all of the Quad Core TV Box are based on Android as the basic operating system, in addition to the above TVOS and DTVOS, there are Alibaba YunOS. Search from Baidu can get information on these three operating systems:

Alibaba YunOS launched in 2011, is the Alibaba Group's strategic products, mainly for mobile phones. But in the mobile phone market has been Android and iOS monopoly of the case, Ali Yun Yun will be pushed to the Quad Core TV Box, it is clear that want to get a breakthrough. It is reported that the use of Ali YunOS Quad Core TV Box manufacturers can get Ali's subsidies, we can see Ali to seize the strength of the TV entrance, YunOS is indeed the level of Tuhao.

At the 2014 Beijing International Television Technology Seminar held on June 6, 2014, Wang Xiaojie, director of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, said that the TVOS1.0, which was jointly developed by SARFT and some R & D units, has been released. This is following the China Radio and Television Network Co., Ltd. listed, the SARFT on the specific business of the move. TVOS1.0 system takes into account the existing operating system technology, such as Linux, Andrews and so on. TVOS recent news is the scale of the use of Shaanxi radio and television network, a government endorsement of TVOS worth the wait.

DTVOS reference Android4.0 above system, and the depth of customization, integration of the DVB and IPTV base interface and DVB protocol stack, and reference to the SARFT issued NGB "downloadable conditional access system technical specifications" and "NGB terminal middleware technical standards "achieve. Compared with the other two Quad Core TV Box operating system, but also to the Quad Core TV Box manufacturers charge.

If you want to watch TV for the purpose of broadcasting the operating system should be preferred, this time can be considered in support of cable TV TV and DTVOS between the choice. Watching TV related to the safety of public opinion, so the development of TVOS through the development of the purpose of control. TVOS and DTVOS competition is actually a game between the government and the market. DTVOS in the neither the authority nor the local level of the case of how the results to be observed, it may be the 2015 Quad Core TV Box market a big surprise!