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Can The Hardware Configuration Of The Quad Core TV Box Be 3 Years Old?
- Sep 26, 2017 -

Some Quad Core TV Box promote up to 4-core or even 8-core 32-bit CPU, using 28-nanometer technology, while the memory is only 1GB, claiming 3 years, however. Obviously this is very low propaganda hush head.

Moore's Law tells us that the semiconductor chip every 18 months, the performance doubled, the price will be reduced by half. 2014 new chip has begun to use 20-nanometer process production, and upgrade to 64-bit CPU. So, even if the Quad Core Quad Core TV Box market is lagging behind, the latest to 2016 will be upgraded to 20 nanometers 64, if the advance in 2015, will make the business sooner than when the business soon speechless. According to Moore's Law, now all the Quad Core TV Box do not exceed two years, are destined to upgrade. On the other hand, 2014 has a lot of DDR4 memory sold, 2015 DDR4 memory will begin a lot of popularity. DDR4 and now with the box with the DDR3, capacity doubled power consumption reduced by 40%. I believe that a year after the Quad Core TV Box will also use DDR4, when the memory capacity will take off from the 2GB. So, the box hardware configuration 3 years can only be false propaganda.

The main function of the Quad Core TV Box is to watch TV, for the realization of this purpose, single-core CPU 512MB is enough, and even radio and television set-top box hundreds of megabytes of CPU and 128MB of memory is enough. So, do not because the manufacturers of the box configuration of the cover to cover up the Quad Core TV Box should have some function - watching TV, and even the game are not necessary to care too much.