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4K Ultra-high-definition Quad Core TV Box Is Very Important?
- Sep 26, 2017 -

Now, with a variety of Quad Core TV Boxes, people watching TV have more choices, no longer limited to cable TV. But in the face of all kinds of boxes, how to make rational judgments and choices is a big problem. The following Xiaobian will be on the box 4K resolution, operating system, hardware configuration, games and other aspects of Xiangjie, hope for everyone to buy Quad Core TV Box play a role.

The higher the resolution of the video image, the greater the memory required. In order to adapt to 512MB of memory, most TV client software default settings for the 720P, which in the 1080P set-top Quad Core TV Box will show a narrowing of the phenomenon.

Support for 1080P set-top Quad Core TV Box at least 1GB of memory, and many nominal 4K display resolution set-top Quad Core TV Box, in order to reduce costs, memory selection 1GB, the interface default display is still 720P, and did not play 4K due performance, but generally non-professional The user is difficult to distinguish.

Now 4K program source basically uses H.265 format. Because this kind of image decoding and display need to take up a lot of memory space, if you install some applications running software, coupled with the Android operating system itself is also a large memory consumption, this time even if the business no longer optimize the memory footprint, only 1GB memory I am afraid there will be little left. In addition, if you run more memory-intensive software, there may be some inexplicable situation, or simply quit or even crash. More importantly, in the network through the 1080P have been very card case, will increase the burden of network cache, see the results of 4K network video can be imagined, if the use of 1GB of memory, the basic off food. In many users do not have 4K ultra-high-definition TV at home, and by 4K network source and bandwidth limitations of the case, for manufacturers to promote the 4K network player, the user can not verify the authenticity of the return. So, a lot of 1GB box support 4K is basically propaganda hush head. The only exception is to support DVB (cable) box, you can use 1GB memory support 4K.

This is because the Quad Core TV Box that supports cable TV, itself contains 100M stream processing hardware module, only a small memory can handle up to 40M 4K ultra-high-definition video stream. Because 4K video costs much higher than 1080 2K video, so the future of 4K video is bound to use encrypted broadcast mode, then only have the decryption function of the box is possible to receive this encryption 4K video. Currently used in this type of decryption technology, only the latest download CA can run on the smart Quad Core TV Box. And can support the download of the CA operating system is the use of the SARFT TV TV and Terry letter of the DTVOS, it is recommended that users look at.